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Having Fun with Dog Obedience

Having Fun with Dog Obedience

Imagine being a puppy and leaving your house, mother and siblings to go to a new home where everything is unfamiliar and scary. What can you as a new pet owner do to reduce the stress and anxiety at this stressful time? Many puppies seem to be fine with acclimating to a new house and routine, but every single puppy can benefit from Puppy Kindergarten.

  • Puppy Kindergarten – wonderful socialization for puppies! It introduces them to other dogs, people, and places. Once they know that all these experiences will be positive, they approach new experiences as a positive experience. They also have the skills to interact with other dogs!
  • Puppies that attend Puppy Kindergarten are also given a great foundation for the rest of their life, the skills they learn in Kindergarten will impact the rest of their lives. Puppies that learn how to interact with other dogs and people are much more willing to go out for walks without worrying about how they will react to others.

Now, when your puppy has graduated Puppy Kindergarten you can attend Basic Obedience!

  • Basic obedience teaches basic manners in a fun way. We use positive reward-based training techniques to ensure that you and your pet have fun!! Our system is based on small steps that quickly add up to the skills that you want to see in your pet. We also explain how to reduce or eliminate the behavior you don’t want to see. This means by the end of the class, you can walk your pet on a leash without pulling, have him sit on command and start working on a recall for emergency situations. These skills are great at ensuring that you and your pet can go out and have fun!

So, you have graduated from Basic Obedience and want more? That is the perfect time for Advanced Obedience classes.

  • Advanced Obedience works on taking the basic skills and perfecting them. Your pet will learn how to interact with people in wheelchairs or on crutches. It also works on long stays. It also works on the skills of hanging out with unfamiliar people and pets.
  • At the end of our Advanced Obedience class, your dog can take the Canine Good Citizen test. This test demonstrates your dogs’ great manners and ability to handle different situations. 


We also have classes for agility and tracking. These classes are super fun and allow you to bond more with your pet in a fun way.    


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